Microsoft captive R&D expands to Bangalore

Microsoft India, which currently has an offshore  product development center in Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, announced the expansion of its activities further south to Bangalore in Karnataka, to focus on product development and applied research in web search and online ad technologies. “It will initially have 200  employees according to Satya Nadella, senior vice president, R& D, Online Services Division, Microsoft (MS-OSD). “The Bangalore location  joins Hyderabad as one of the core hubs of development and research for MS-OSD. The innovations from our Hyderabad team are already having significant impact on our US, UK, Canada, Australia,and India products.

Microsoft India R&D MD Srini Koppolu said that the Hyderabad team had been contributing in terms af adding core algorithm relevance, developing structured data and building page search advertising technology.

Takeaway: Companies who reach a certain degree of R&D maturity at one location in India, can start to branch out to other cities, to secure specific local talent which may prefer to live in a particular location. Expanding too widely too soon can cause serious challenges to most foreign entitites

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SAP leans on partners to create R&D ecosystem in India

German software company SAP, AG started a co-innovation lab ( COIL) in Bangalore  in April 2009, to collaborate with technology, service and software companies to develop new solutions. It is the third such location after Palo Alto, California and Tokyo, Japan and already employs 4,200 people.

By 2010,  COIL  completed 24 projects and produced 14 solutions ready to go to market, according to Axel Henning Saleck, head of the global SAP co-innovation lab network. Saleck said SAP has partnered with 11 technology companies including Wipro, Cisco, Arteria Technologies, MindTree and others to help take ideas from the concept to development and eventually will take them to market.

The lab hosts a heterogeneous data center, integrating hardware and infrastructure software, a hands-on environment where members can work on proof-of-concepts and build and test new business processes. The promotes applications and technology solutions to SAP customers. For example, the  Real Estate Sales and Tenancy business, typically in emerging markets, is largely a manual process with system interactions pushed more as a back-end activity. MindTree Ltd, a regional SAP Service partner, with expertise in implementations of SAP Real Estate solutions has worked in COIL to build a mobile application that automates sales and leasing for real estate.

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India patent and research paper production rises

India’s global position in the field of scientific research, as measured by the number of research papers published has improved from 13th position in 1996 to 10th position in 2009 as per the Scopus International database. The number of patent applications for new inventions filed at Indian Patent Office by the Indian scientists and the scientists of other developed and developing countries during 2007-08 was 6,040 and 21,978 respectively, said  Prithviraj Chavan, the Minister of State (I/C) for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, in April 2010 in the Indian Parliament.

My view is that while these absolute numbers appear to be going up, India needs to step up its efforts to support of innovation and R&D in a manner that is market driven and relevant to its current national priorities and to global needs.

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National Instruments Captive Center files global patents from India

Austin, Texas based National Instruments is making  India one of its key R&D centers, with a 40 per cent increase in investments in its Bangalore facility.

Phil Hester, Senior Vice President of R&D said, “The India R&D center is one of the strategic growth areas for National Instruments. We plan for it to become our center of excellence in R&D, with a focus on innovation, value creation and enhancing our intellectual property.”

The new facility will also focus on filing patents in the field of Motion Control algorithms, RF and software development. The India team has already received  7 patents for innovations in the area of Motion Control algorithms, RF and software development. Algorithm development and Software Test will be key areas of growth for R&D in Bangalore.

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