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Thales and India’s Bharat Dynamics to Make STARStreak Missiles

French Aerospace company Thales has signed an MOU with state-owned Bharat Dynamics Ltd.,to assess the opportunity for the transfer of technology of the STARStreak missile capability to India with the support of the U.K. Government. This missile operates at a speed in excess of Mach 3 to defeat fast-moving threats and those with short unmasking times, and is the fastest missile in its category.

STARStreak is integrated with a wide range of radars, IR sensors, and Command-and-Control systems. It can be used in a Man Portable Air Defense System role as a single or multi-launcher configuration and is also available integrated into both light and heavy High Mobility Vehicles, reports Indian Defense Update.

STARStreak Missile by Thales

STARStreak Missile by Thales

Alex Cresswell, executive vice president for Land & Air Systems activities at Thales, said, “Sharing technology has been one of the key ingredients of Thales’ strategy for India. We will continue to work in this direction and realize our objective to make in India and export from India through such endeavors.”



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Boeing Enhances Defense Engagement with India

Boeing announced the establishment of Boeing Defense India, a local operating entity that will support the company’s future growth objectives in the country in the areas of services and support, sales and marketing, sourcing, manufacturing, and engineering.

Pratyush Kumar, current president, Boeing India, will lead this new initiative which will expand its engagement with India’s Ministry of Defense to deliver advanced capability and readiness to India’s military customers and develop a competitive supplier base that is integrated into Boeing’s global supply chain, reports the Economic Times.

Boeing Airplane
“India is among the fastest growing economies in the world, and Boeing has made accelerated investments to grow the manufacturing, skill development and engineering scale in the country,” said Kumar. “Going forward, our strategy will be to continue leveraging India’s strengths to maximize growth and productivity for Boeing and help create a robust and self-sufficient aerospace ecosystem in the country.”

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14-Year-Old from India Builds Drone to Zap Landmines

The Mirror reports that 14-year-old Harshwardhan Zala from the western state of Gujarat in India has struck a $730,000 deal with the Indian Government for his invention of an anti-landmine drone which can help to detect and defuse hidden bombs in fields.

The drone is equipped with an infrared sensor, an RGB sensor, a thermal meter, a 21 megapixel camera with a mechanical shutter which can take high quality images. It can hover for about 2 feet above the ground and can send waves over a 9 square yards of surface at a time. The waves detect landmines and can send out their exact location to an army base. The drone also carries a tiny explosive weighing 0.1 pounds  that can easily detonate the landmine. The invention is said to be better than anything the army currently uses.

Harshwardhan Zala


Zala has set up his own company, Aerobotics, through which he intends to invent more such gadgets in the future. Dr. Narottam Sahu, head of the Gujarat Council on Science and Technology said, “An MoU has been signed with him and in the coming days the Gujarat government will work with him on this project.”

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U.S. Legislation Codifies India as a Major Defense Partner

In the last week of December, President Barack Obama signed a legislation that codifies India as a “Major Defense Partner”, a definition that institutionalizes and commits future government, unless recalled. The intent of the legislation is to bolster India as “predominant security provider in the Indian Ocean Region”, and direct the administration to appoint an official to directly oversee United States-India defense trade, security cooperation, and co-production and co-development opportunities,  identify impediments, and resolve them.

US and India Flags

The first report under this law will come in around June from the administration of President Donald Trump, who has said, at an election rally in November, India and the U.S. will be “best friends” on his watch, reports the Hindustan Times.


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India Bypasses Global Tendering To Replace 44,000 Guns

The Manohar Parrikar-led Ministry of Defense in India will buy its requirement of close quarter battle carbines directly instead of going through the conventional route of floating global tenders for them.

“With repeated failure to procure it through the global tendering process, the ministry has to go for direct government-to-government sale for buying these weapons. It will speed up the acquisition process and will rule out allegations of corruption,” a senior ministry official said.

Manohar Parrikar

Manohar Parrikar

The New Indian Express reports that New Delhi has proposed an agreement under the ‘foreign military sales’ category for buying 10,000 such carbines directly from a country that is willing to supply them. The remaining 34,000 units will be manufactured in India under a production license.


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