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State of Andhra Pradesh in India Wins CSIS Award

The Center for International & Strategic Studies (CSIS), a well-respected Washington think tank, has just released the first in a series of reports identifying which of the various Indian states have instituted breakthrough reforms of the business climate.

The southern state of Andhra Pradesh, under Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu‘s leadership  wins the first-ever State Breakthrough award for an industrial land policy that combines a large land bank, a long standard lease, and an openness to selling state land to private sector buyers. The states of Telangana and Haryana rank second and third, according to the report.

Nathan Associates and the CSIS Wadhwani Chair gathered data primarily from official government publications, and occasionally supplemented it with information from reliable media sources.

States of India

States of India

Highlights from the Data:

Andhra Pradesh had the largest land bank, at 338,000 acres, including current Industrial Estates. Maharashtra (207,000 acres), Telangana (139,000 acres), Karnataka (116,000 acres), and Gujarat (103,000 acres) rounded out the top five.

Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Punjab, and Telangana are the only states that clearly lay out the terms under which they will sell government land to private buyers. Telangana and Haryana are the only states where sale is the default mode of land transfer.

Five states — Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu — offer a standard 99-year lease. Maharashtra, Odisha, and Uttar Pradesh all get honorable mentions for standard leases between 90 and 95 years.

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First Cold Stone Creamery Opens in India

Restaurant News  Source reports that Scottsdale, Arizona-based Cold Stone Creamery launched  its first franchise location  in India at  the Lulu Mall in Kochi, in the western state of Kerala. Kahala Brands, the parent company of the Cold Stone Creamery brand has joined forces with Tablez Food Company, part of Lulu Group International, LLC, to bring the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience to India and neighboring Sri Lanka.

Cold Stone Creamery products

The opening event saw a crowd of 4000 people in attendance, with one family driving 150 miles from the capital city of Kerala to be one of the first to taste the premium ice cream brand. “Over the next five years, Tablez Food Company plans to invest around $11-13 million in the Cold Stone Creamery business across India and Sri Lanka,” said Shafeena Yussuf Ali, chairperson at Tablez Food Company.  The company  aims to open a total of 40 locations in India and five in Sri Lanka over the next five years.



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India is Fastest Growing Aviation Market Globally

The International Air Transport Association‘s industry performance statistics for 2015 reveal that India has the fastest domestic passenger growth, while airlines in the Asia-Pacific once again carried the largest number of passengers.

Aviation Week reports that the 60th edition of the World Air Transport Statistics  yearbook showed:

Country Annual Growth Domestic Passenger Market
India 18.8% 80 million
Russia 11.9% 47 million
China   9.7% 394 million
U.S.   5.4% 708 million


Geographic Area Market Share of Passenger Traffic
Asia Pacific 34% (1.2 billion)
Europe 26.2%
North America 24.8%
Latin America   7.5%
Middle East   5.3%

Last year airlines safely carried 3.6 billion passengers – the equivalent of 48 per cent of the Earth’s population—and transported 52.2 million tons of cargo worth around $6 trillion. In doing so, we supported some $2.7 trillion in economic activity and 63 million jobs,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s director general and CEO.

Jet Airways


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U.S. Poultry, Pork Will Be Available in India

Winning a World Trade Organization dispute which the United States brought against India, American companies can now export poultry and pork products to India.

In 2007, India banned U.S. poultry, chicken eggs, and other agricultural products  ostensibly to prevent avian influenza outbreaks. India just lost the appeal at a World Trade Organization appellate body  when the United States argued that it had not had an outbreak of high pathogenic avian flu since 2004, while India had 90 such outbreaks between 2004 and 2014,  reports Forbes.



Indian consumers will soon have access to American chicken.




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Domino’s Has Largest Slice of Pizza Pie in India

Pizza Marketplace reports that according to Coupon Hippo‘s research, Domino‘s in India dominates the pizza quick service restaurant category with 70% market share. The company quotes seven reasons for Domino’s success in India:

Domino's India

  • Domino’s India currently has 1000+ outlets and is the second biggest market outside the U.S. It is on track to add 150 new stores every year throgh 2020.
  • The company has localized recipes for the Indian palate (where 56% of the population is vegetarian), with pizzas  such as Peppy Paneer, Farmhouse, and Margherita that cater to the vegetarians.
  • A Domino’s pizza in India is the lowest priced compared to other countries: in U.K. it’s $8.62; in U.S.A. $5.99; Australia $5.04 and in India the pizza is available for $1.47.
  •  On social media Domino’s has five times the engagement as compared to its closest competitor.
  • Pizza fits in with the Indian culture of eating with one’s hands and sharing one’s food.
  • Domino’s has a super fast delivery guarantee in India: if the pizza isn’t delivered in 30 minutes, it’s free.
  • Since most Indians only use a mobile phone  to access the Internet,  the focus for the company is taking orders via a mobile phone. By 2021 it is estimated that India will have 810 million  smartphone users.

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