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iBASEt Expands Operations in Ahmedabad

Headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California, iBASEt, provider of software solutions to complex, highly regulated industries such as  Aerospace and Defense, Medical Devices, Nuclear, Industrial Equipment, Electronics, and Shipbuilding, expanded its India operations last month.

The new office in Ahmedabad, in the western state of Gujarat, will expand iBASEt’s footprint in the global market. It will cater to the growing global demand for the company’s manufacturing, quality and MRO software solutions; support further investment in software product development; and provide services to its international customers, reports FreshNews.

iBASEt Logo


“With our presence in India expanding over the last few years, we felt it was time our office environment matched the growth of our employees,” said Vic Sial, president at iBASEt. “Our new location and enhanced operational efficiency will help us continue to grow and evolve to keep pace with our customer’s needs.”


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Heart Health in a Heartbeat!

MUSEinc, a two-year old Bangalore-based startup, has created a digital stethoscope called Taal (rhythm) which has a processor that automates calculation of the heart rate. The device also records sounds from other parts of the body such as the lungs, and it has modes to switch between heart sounds and other internal sounds.

On simply placing it on the chest, Taal creates a graphical representation of heart waves on a mobile phone which users can forward to doctors. A patient does not need training to understand what he/she is hearing from the earplugs of the stethoscope.

Taal Digital Stethoscope

Priced at $50, Taal is 3D printed. Its innovators use and produce open-source technologies to improve effective diagnostics at an affordable cost, says the Economic Times.


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Schneider Electric Confident of Double-Digit Growth in India

French energy management company, Schneider Electric, is preparing to make India its export hub on the back of government’s policies such as Make in India, Digital India and Smart City Mission.  (Schneider owns the former American Power Conversion company  in the U.S. and still controls the APC brand).

Schneider Electric LogoThe company’s current focus is on building, infrastructure and industrial segments. It is also involved in India’s solar market both organically, as well as through acquisitions to diversify its growth vectors, reports moneycontrol.

In an interview with CNBC TV-18, Prith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer of Schneider Electric said, “Digital India is extremely important and well aligned with our personal mission. Schneider has 4 priorities in terms of products and solutions and services and digitization. We want to make all our products digital. Many products we are building are going to be connected and a part of digital India initiative.”

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Speech Analytics Startup Can Understand Almost Any Language

Featured in this year’s Next Generation Leaders by Time Magazine, Umesh Sachdev, CEO and co-founder of Chennai-based speech analytics startup, Uniphore Software Systems, was selected for his work toward “Building a Phone That Can Understand Almost Any Language.”



Uniphore’s Akeira, a virtual assistant, allows consumers to ask questions in their language of choice, and get the desired answer. The responses are formulated based on a series of keywords to ensure seamless flow of accurate results to a query placed in multiple ways, says the company. It provides support for more than 25 global languages and over 150 dialects and is being used by over 5 million people mostly in India.

“We wanted to do something that would have a mass impact,” explains Sachdev.




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India Startup Plays Transformative Role in Industrial IoT

Startup Flutura, located in Bangalore, India, makes an IoT product that captures data streaming from various sensors on machines to analyze their health and predict problems. Derick Jose, co-founder of Flutura, describes its IoT product Cerebra as a “Fitbit for machines.”

The Cerebra platform connects assets used in industries to correlate, analyze, make intelligent predictions and provide actionable insights with the data it receives from the assets to help create smart factories, reports Forbes.


In the U.S., Cerebra IoT Signal Intelligence harvests asset signals for a leading airport reducing millions of dollars in delays; it effected revenue generation of $120 million across the first 3 years for a large Houston-based oil and gas OEM; it optimized vessel speed to minimize Total Fuel Consumption to improve the performance of vessels. This resulted in savings of up to $300,000 per year for large vessels for the largest North American Vessel Classification Society.


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