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India is a Focus Market for Fiat Chrysler

In an interview with Business Standard, Kevin Flynn, president and managing director of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, India, said that the company has robust plans for a ‘made in India’ variant of their Jeep brand.

“We have invested $280 million in our facility at Ranjangaon near Pune to mobilize our localization strategy. We are on track with our plans to manufacture and roll out an all-new, premium Jeep SUV from our plant in 2017.


We don’t see India as a cheap but  rhater a great manufacturing option. We want to make a lot more use of that unit and you will see a significant increase in production from that plant,” he added.

Fiat Chrysler India will open 10 new distribution outlets in nine cities by the end of this calendar year to sell the Jeep products in the country.






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Renault’s Kwid, Designed and Developed in India

French car maker Renault‘s India managing director Sumit Sawhney told the Economic Times in an interview that Renault’s mini-car Kwid has exceeded expectations of product innovation.

“The mini-car segment is the toughest segment and very hard to break. In the last 10 months, we have managed to garner 15 per cent share and we are selling about 9,000 units a month. We created a platform for emerging markets ground up and for the first time in our 118-year history, a global car was launched outside of Europe, that too in India. So far, it has exceeded our internal expectations.”

Renault Kwid

Excerpts from the interview follow.

Sawhney’s recipe for success:

We cannot succeed if we don’t bring innovation. This is not just limited to design, product, features or technology. One of the biggest innovations for us was on cost. That is why everything about Kwid was built ground up. We wanted to sell a car at a certain price, so we went ahead with 98 per cent localization. Nobody has ever done this before in India. Barring some electronics parts, all major parts are locally manufactured. Today, Kwid is the biggest ‘Make in India’ story.

We have invested in a big plant, a very big technology center, which employs 5,000 people, two design centers in India and a global parts distribution center in Pune. We got the basics right. For us it is a global car designed and developed out of India.
On future plans and projections:

Our aim is to launch one new car every year. We have been able to come up with a new CMFA platform. We have understood the localization game and can go beyond 13 feet also. A platform can easily take 4-5 bodies of new styles. I already have 75,000 customers for the Kwid. Before we close the year, we will have 1,25,000 customers on the road.

On the Indian consumer:
The Indian customer is socially very aware. They want the latest and the best at the lowest cost. That is a combination which is very tough to create. If we see the same markets, 7-8 years back, the life cycle of a product was 5-6 years, but now you have to bring in changes every 2-3 years. If we have to bring something in India, it has to be innovative, it has to be a game changer.

On India’s potential as an export hub:
India has the potential to be a big base for parts exports. Our chunk of parts sourced for global operations from India is growing month on month. There is so much capacity lying here in our country that if we have favourable FTAs, it can be deployed for exports

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India’s Job Market Gains Momentum

The  Wall Street Journal cites the Naukri Job Speak Index which records an increase of 22% in hiring activity from a year earlier. Since May this year, hiring activity was up 6.8% the report said.


The index is measured on the basis of job listings added to the site every month. The company says more than 48,000 clients are using the website.

Sectors reporting hiring gains:

  • Telecommunications  recorded a 44% year-over-year increase in June
  • Outsourcing services rose 42%
  • Healthcare sector saw a 37% increase in new job activity
  • Software services increased 19%
  • Auto and auto ancillary recorded a 14% gain

Sectors reporting hiring losses:

  • Construction and engineering sector fell 15%
  • Real estate recorded a hiring fall of 9%
  • Oil and gas hiring dipped 3%

Banking, financial services and insurance, and pharmaceuticals sectors were stagnant.

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Delphi Expands its Chennai Technical Center in India

Autocar Professional interviewed Chris Reider, vice-president, Global Engineering Packard Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Delphi, on the company’s operations, growth dynamics and the business opportunity that is India.

Here are some excerpts…

On benefits for Delphi in expanding the Chennai Technical Center

Reider: The Chennai facility has become one of our key hubs for global product development and manufacturing to support our connection systems business worldwide. This is a technical center we rely on globally and, importantly, it is setting us up for future growth with local Original Equipment Manufacturers. With this capability, we can localize our development as well as manufacturing of products.

On the growth opportunity in India for Delphi’s connection systems business

Reider: We see opportunity in all our electrical architecture business. We have a broad portfolio of products, particularly in connection systems, housing and terminals. We also anticipate (new business in) high-speed cable assemblies, communication and infotainment systems which will be localizing here in India.

On how much India contributes to Delphi’s global operations

Reider: India is a long-term strategic market for us in engineering. It is a unique place where we have an opportunity to grow revenues with the local market but also leverage the capabilities that we have in India in terms of universities aligning with our business.
We are continuing to invest in our people, infrastructure, manufacturing processes and particularly in our core competencies in India. We are leveraging Indian capabilities and it will pay dividends for us in terms of our global growth.

On how India compared to other Asian markets

Reider: India is a little behind countries like China, which is moving faster in its evolution in terms of high-end premium vehicles. I am optimistic about the growth of the Indian market. There will be a number of external factors which influence the rate of growth in India. Government regulations and infrastructure in the economy will decide how fast the automotive market will grow. I am excited about the future in India – it will bring tremendous challenges but great opportunities too.



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Sweden’s Scania Opens R&D Center in India

In collaboration with Larsen & Toubro Technology Services, Scania, Sweden’s automotive industry manufacturer, recently inaugurated its new research and development center in Bangalore.

The R&D office in India, with approximately 100 development engineers, is primarily focused on localizing and adapting Scania’s buses and trucks for the Indian market as well as for other emerging markets.

Scania R&D Center Inauguration

Scania R&D Center Inauguration

“It’s difficult to work in Sweden and understand the needs here,” says Örjan Rasmusson, Director of R&D in India. “The products here need to be simple to both use, maintain and repair. We make full use of Scania’s modular system to produce vehicles that match the very specific needs of the Indian market. But since we historically have been very focused on Western Europe, we lack some performance steps for the emerging markets.”

In India, Scania has highlighted the benefits of alternative fuels, particularly ethanol, not only for reducing emissions but also as a means of making use of locally available resources while productively addressing growing problems of waste disposal and wastewater treatment.

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